Jacqueline Hadden

Does This Sound Like You?

If you own or run a small to large business or corporation, and are
faced with any of these challenges, we can help you.

• You see a direct link between hiring and retaining great people with high customer satisfaction.

• You understand that trying to turn an employee’s weakness into strength is not cost effective.

• You know that your employees are not happy

• You have lost touch with your workforce.

• You are ready to change your culture in order to revive your bottom line.

You may be an ideal client for us if... you welcome the positive results of change, and you are open to new ways to grow your business.

Our Ideal Client

Clients will benefit from working with us if:

You are driven to succeed, and don't mind having your cage rattled in order to grow.

You are motivated to implement change.

You have the mindset to let go of what is not working, and are willing to learn new things.

You are willing to make a commitment to a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.

You love a challenge.

You respect values.

You are willing to measure your progress and are willing to make changes along the way.

Our Clients welcome the positive results of change.

You strive to grow your business by leaving your resistance to change behind. You are open to creating new strategic culture plans, and executing individual assessments for employee development. You want to achieve optimum employee performance which will result in a healthier bottom line.

We work with every industry

We provide a realistic approach to planning and executing goals, and focused direction to increase awareness and profit. With employee building assessment tools, we are able to create more effective leaders, and stronger managers. With our seasoned experience, we are able to bring cohesiveness to your culture so that you can take your business and team to the next level.

When is it time for you to call on us?

Please click on how we work to learn more about what we can do for you and your business, or contact us at 310.254.5789

  • Your chemist just raised their prices, and you can't pass it on to your customers.
  • You realize that you need to spread your production out, therefore, need trusted companies to work with.
  • Your packaging is outdated, and you need proven resources to update your image.
  • You are in a marketing rut, and need to be rescued.
  • You are a start up company, and want to use the right chemists and manufacturers the first time around.