Jacqueline Hadden

We Focus on What is Not Working and Turn
it Around in Order for you to Achieve
Measured Success

Our Values
We believe in treating you with candor. We will not tell you what you want to hear, however, will give you our educated opinion, and clear direction towards positive change.

We will work on what is important to you, and head you in the right direction in order to succeed. We believe that by shaking things up and finding resolutions to existing problems, that you will not only achieve, but also exceed your goals.

We will help you create a solid foundation for building a successful culture, at a realistic pace. Remember, “Rome was not built in a day”. We will help you create and execute a plan with attainable timelines, accountability to ensure achievement, and measurable success.

Our Approach

The 80/20 rule allows you to focus on your efforts, and has the maximum impact in moving you forward. Alfredo Pareto documented the 80/20 “Pareto” principle over a hundred years ago, that as a general rule in life, 80% of results arise from 20% of causes. This is a powerful principle when applied to business. If your employees are behaving like investors, they will add to your customer base, and keep your loyal customers coming back for more. By increasing your customer base, you will increase your Pareto ratio. By applying this principle in your business, you will achieve rapid turnaround and huge increases in revenue.

Now that you have learned HOW WE WORK, and the kinds of results that we are committed to, we invite you to come see who we work with or contact us at 310.254.5789.