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What types of situations bring you to us?

We have worked with a variety of business professionals, with many different needs for our expert advice. Read what a few of our clients have to say about our services.

CEO of Cosmetic Company

Caroline Lan"As a new and upcoming company, we required a professional consultant who had the experience and honesty to help us grow. I have known Jacqueline for 2 years. Besides her professionalism, which stems from her 20+ year experiences in the cosmetics industry, what really touched my heart is that she takes her passion to help our business as if it were her her own. She sincerely cares about our company and about growing our brand. Jacqueline is very dedicated to the projects of which she is involved in, and has incredible follow through skills to make sure that things are completed. We trust her advice, admire her talent, and her creativity is a delight.

She has made a tremendous difference in the direction of our company, and we appreciate having her as a part of the Elain family".

Caroline Lan
President / CEO
Elain Cosmetics
Elain Cosmetics

“Jacqueline Hadden made a tremendous difference with my team, and my bottom line”

Steve SoffaWhen Jacqueline first began working with my company, we were stagnating, and constantly challenging one another in a very negative work environment. Within a matter of weeks, she had cut through the tension, and actually gave me new hope as a leader. Jacqueline first began her process with me, and my managers. Then she worked her magic on the rest of my team. Almost immediately I was able to see my team in an entirely different light, and they became much more receptive to my directives.

I credit Jacqueline for this internal growth. Through her coaching I learned how to resonate with my team and vice versa. Within a matter of months, my team experienced a total transformation. This transformation had a tremendous effect on my bottom line. Within six months, my company turned a negative bottom line into generating 39% in increased sales. Our returns were less than 1%, and our customer base grew by 22%. I can directly attribute this to Jacqueline’s program.

“I was amazed at the positive change in my culture” With much resistance, I sat down and did an exercise called “Core vs. Corrupt”. It sounds really strange, however, it was the process that allowed me to create a new set of values for my company…my core values. I did not know the power of core values, as I had never implemented anything like this before. My employees were excited because I included them in the process. I was elated because they were all so "fired up" to morph into this new and improved team.

”Working with Jacqueline was the most result oriented decision I have made in years. I highly recommend her program to every organization. The transformation that she orchestrated was unbelievable, not only in myself, but my team, my business and most importantly my bottom line."

Steve Soffa
Designer & CEO, Hardcore Watches
Hardcore Watches

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