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What types of situations bring you to us?

We have worked with a variety of Beauty industry professionals, with many different needs for our expert advice.

Below are detailed case studies that address why they contacted us, how we helped them, and the results that they received.

We hope these will give you a clearer picture of how we can help you too.

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• President of Cosmetic Company
This Client has seen rapid growth over the past several years. As her company seemed to expand overnight, she found herself with needs that she was not familiar with. The first set of tasks was to recruit an outside sales team and build an artistry team. Within several weeks, I had recruited and assembled a strong outside sales team, and talented Artistry team.

The second set of tasks was to create in house training seminars, a training manual, and newsletter. By providing the crucial contacts, and seeing them through to completion, my client benefited by yet another shot of growth resulting from increased sales. The implementation of product knowledge from a proper training was the key to stronger sales and customer loyalty. The newsletter was received with a warm welcome, became a great vehicle to introducing new products quickly, and was a needed entity to keep their customers informed.

Last and most challenging was to re-design my clients product tester unit in order to keep up with the company’s new products, packaging, and image. Not only did I map out the entire unit, but re-sourced a vendor who was able to manufacture it at less than half of the cost of their originally quoted unit, and was able to drive it to completion on time.

• Major Department store Cosmetics Department
This department was barely at 9M when I began my work with them. The employees were not motivated, and they were in a terrible financial decline. I stepped in and prioritized my tenure by working on the employees first. I held regular meetings with them to ensure building their motivation and moral. Being that I am “Employee Centric,” I educated myself on what I needed to do to get the most from each of them. I then used what I had learned, and began this departments turnaround.

I gave this team guidelines, and by example showed them that it was not customer service that they needed to strive for, but how to be “Customer Centric”. In no time, this team had mastered how to hand feed their customer, and keep them coming back for more.

Another area of concern was their inconsistent inventory, and losses. I created and developed a system that changed inventory for the cosmetics department company wide. This saved them tens of thousands of dollars.

After reviewing this department’s numbers, I realized that there were some pretty stiff statistics coming up that were going to have to be anniversaried. In order to increase the business for these difficult months, I initiated to seek out business opportunities outside of the department store. By creating events with surrounding Hotels, Car dealerships, and Annual city events, this department began to pull some incredible digits.

This department began to lead in the entire department stores percent of increase. This department of which was steady at doing 7% of the entire department stores business, was now achieving 12% of the entire business. Within one year, this department went from doing barely 9Million annually to 12 Million.

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