Jacqueline Hadden

Employee Effectiveness

You are putting hours of effort into creating a great customer experience for your company. What are you doing to create a positive experience for your employees?

Take the proper steps to build a team of employees that behave like investors
Give your team a sense of ownership, treat them the way you want them to treat your customers, and you will experience a much wealthier company.

I will show you how to do this
You will walk away with strategies to creating a culture of employees that take pride and ownership of your company. This is an advantage and edge that will truly change your culture, and profit margins.

Listen and you will be heard
Barriers between executives and employees are often the reason companies stagnate. By working with both the executives, and employees, I am able to create a cohesive channel of communication. This will create an environment of mutual respect and team congruency.

Create a positive culture
Employees need to feel appreciated, and executives need to lead without resistance. Employees will resist an executive that they feel doesn’t appreciate them, or that they don’t respect. Executives will become harder on employees that seem resistant, resulting in wasted time and energy. By educating employees, and creating a success system for executives, cultures will change. ..and so will your bottom line.

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